The American Game

Original Programming

In 2019, Herzog & Co. partnered with ESPN to produce The American Game and The Greatest to celebrate 150 years of College Football. The two 11-episode documentary series — totaling 16.5 hours of original content — premiered on ESPN and continues to stream on several ESPN platforms.

The American Game (60 min) focuses on College Football’s extraordinary narrative by exploring themes that have made the sport an integral component of the American landscape. The Culture, Integration, Rivalries, and Evolution of the Game are some of the themes that are thoroughly explored by the series.

Episode 1: The Culture
Episode 2: Evolution
Episode 3: Integration
Episode 4: Recruiting
Episode 5: Television
Episode 6: Notre Dame
Episode 7: Rivalries
Episode 8: Games of the Century
Episode 9: Bowls, Polls & Champions
Episode 10: College vs. Pro
Episode 11: The Heisman